SOL: Seaside

He worships body
From the West as he drinks in
Perfume from the East

3AM Thoughts // AKA “Haiku 11.”


SOL: Leisure

One of my housemates grew up in Norway, land of the Vikings, and we have had several discussions about the cultural differences that exist between her homeland and my Canadian upbringing.

It is depressing, to say the least.

She recounted visiting family in America and being greeted with, “So what do your parents do?”

Her response was quintessentially European, “My mother is happier now that she can garden again and she has taken up painting for the first time since she was young. My father has started karate and I will go with him a few days during the week.”

This was met with a blank stare. Of course, in North America, a huge emphasis is placed on what you are doing with your career, because we are our work, whereas in Norway they see a job as simply a means of making enough money to spend it on what you enjoy doing – in this case, gardening and karate.

I found this to be charming. In the spirit of doing something purely for my own enjoyment, I did a kind of zine… Not really a full-out one but more just a smattering of trial and errors of creative expression simply for the fun of it.

I have posted the first “issue” on the page Vicariously Living Through.